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Research Study Volunteers Needed: AGES 9-13

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We are looking for kids ages 9 to 13 to participate in a study of brain development and anxiety as children transition into adolescence. We are recruiting all kids, regardless of whether or not your child feels anxious. The study involves two visits, one week apart. Visit 1 is approximately 4 hours long and includes a brief interview with parent and child, a few computer tasks that ask kids to make decisions, questionnaires, a blood draw, and saliva sample. Kids are sent home with a special watch to wear at night that tracks their sleep. Visit 2 occurs a week later and is about 2.5 hours long, where kids complete a non-invasive brain scan (fMRI) that measures their brain activity while they play computer games. We also collect information non-invasively about how kids breathe, their heart beat, and how they look at information on the screen during computer tasks. Parking at both sessions is free. Youth who complete all procedures in Visits 1 and 2 are compensated $75.

Kids are eligible if they are:

  1. Age 9 to 13
  2. Right-handed
  3. No braces or other metal in their body
  4. Have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder

If this is something that you and your child are interested in, please let us know and we will schedule a time to chat by phone to determine whether your child is eligible for the first study visit. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

Phone: (424) 341-3809


IRB #17-000327

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