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The Habitual Diet and Avocado Trial is seeking new volunteers! (HAT Study)

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Male and female participants are needed for a research study examining the effect of avocados on abdominal fat, waist circumference, cholesterol levels, digestive and vascular health. We are seeking participants 25 years of age or older with increased waist circumference (≥35 inches or ≥8 pants size for women, ≥40 inches for men). Participants will either be provided with one avocado per day to eat with their usual diet for 6 months or will be asked to maintain their usual diet (minus avocados--2 per month max OK) for the same duration. The study will last 6 months with 10 clinic visits. As a part of your participation, you will undergo the following procedures: 2 MRI scans of your abdomen, 3 blood draws, 3 stool collections, 3 urine collections, questionnaires at each visit, and 4 dietary recall phone calls with a dietitian. Eligible participants will be compensated with up to $550 for completion of the study in full and a daily parking pass will be provided.


For More Info: Call 310-206-2962 or Email

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